2014 Spring Trial Results

Thanks to everyone who supported and helped with the trial despite the awful, rainy weather on Saturday. Chris Clarke journeyed all the way from Nova Scotia, Bob Little came from New Brunswick, Paul Fuhrman from western Massachusetts and Frank Joyal from Vermont. Special thanks to Cal Robinson who came up from Saco, Maine to help out with the judging. Thanks to Steve Forrest, Joe Dahl and Al Robbins who also did a lot of judging. Thanks to Pat Forrest, the world’s most organized field trial club secretary…and Pat and Steve for once again hosting the potluck supper at their home. Thanks to Mike Flewelling for picking up the coffee and those green and pink donuts. Yum! Thanks to Mark and Nick Kingsbury for putting birds out (to drown on Saturday!). And a big thanks to all who came to run dogs in our 10th Anniversary Gundog Challenge!

Open Puppy (Joe Dahl, Chris Mathan, judges)
1. Max, John Brown
2. Bleu, Mike Flewelling
3. Wynot Whitney, Steve Forrest

Open Shooting Dog (Cal Robinson, Steve Forrest, judges)
1. Abby, Russell Ogilvie
2. Chasehill Ben Franklin, Mike Flewelling
3. Nelly, Mike Flewelling

Open Derby (Cal Robinson, Bob Little, judges)
1. Nelly, Mike Flewelling
2. Max, John Brown
3. Wynot Whitney, Steve Forrest

Gundog Challenge (Al Robbins, John Brown, judges; Brandon Gilboe, apprentice)
1. Hoss, Pointer, Mark Kingsbury
2. Buddy, English Setter, Rock Oliver
3. Jed, Vizsla, Laird Townsend
4. Jack, German Wirehaired Pointer, John Cullen

Open Shooting Dog (Joe Dahl, Steve Forrest, judges)
1. Chasehill Ben Franklin, Mike Flewelling
2. Pal’s Kitty Hawk, Chris Mathan
3. Hard Driving Rita, Chris Mathan

Open Derby (Joe Dahl, Russell Ogilvie, judges)
1. Nelly, Mike Flewelling
2. Wynot Whitney, Steve Forrest

Saturday OSD: 1. Abby (Russell Ogilvie) 2. Franklin (Mike Flewelling) 3. Nelly with Nick Kingsbury (Mike Flewelling), Steve Forrest, judge.Sun_OSD
Sunday OSD: 1. Chasehill Ben Franklin (Mike Flewelling) 2. Pal’s Kitty Hawk with Laird Townsend (Chris Mathan), 3. Hard Driving Rita with Steve Gilboe (Chris Mathan), Joe Dahl, Steve Forrest, judges.
Sunday OD: 1. Nelly (Mike Flewelling) 2. Wynot Whitney (Steve Forrest), Joe Dahl, Russell Ogilvie, judges.
John Brown with Max, 1st, Saturday’s OP and 2nd in Saturday’s OD

More Photos from the 2014 Spring Quail Trial

2014 Spring Trial Photos

Nelly (Mike Flewelling) & Kate (Paul Furhman), 1st brace of Sunday’s OSD
Wynot Ranger (Al Robbins) & Abby (Russell Ogilvy), 3rd brace of Sunday’s OSD
Abby has a find!
Nelly (Mike Flewelling), 1st brace of Sunday’s OD
Max (John Brown), 1st brace of Sunday’s OD
Mike taking Nelly on after her find
John Brown and Max
Wynot Atom (Al Robbins), 2nd brace of Sunday’s OD
Littermates Wynot Atom (Al Robbins) & Wynot Whitney (Steve Forrest), 2nd brace of Sunday’s OD
Crossing the bridge, 2nd brace of Sunday’s OD
2nd brace of Sunday’s OD
See ya next spring!

10th Anniversary Gundog Challenge

Gundog Challenge winners, competitors, judges and gallery

10th Anniversary Gundog Challenge (Al Robbins, John Brown, judges; Brandon Gilboe, apprentice)
1. Hoss, Pointer, Mark Kingsbury
2. Buddy, English Setter, Rock Oliver
3. Jed, Vizsla, Laird Townsend
4. Jack, German Wirehaired Pointer, John Cullen


 Thanks to all you came to run their dogs. We were happy to see so many new faces. We hope you all return next spring!

2014 Spring Trial Drawing

Saturday, May 17th

Open Puppy
Judges: Joe Dahl, Chris Mathan

1a. Grover, ESM, Don Smith
1b. Whitney, PF, Steve Forrest

2a. Bleu, PF, Mike Flewelling
2b. Atom, PM, Al Robbins

3a. Max, PM, John Brown
3b. Cassidy, PF, Rob Graham

4a. Hank, PM, Mark Kingsbury
4b. Bye

Open Shooting Dog
Judges: Cal Robinson, Steve Forrest

1a. Rita, PF, Chris Mathan
1b. Riley, ESF, Joe Dahl

2a. Dallas, PM, Al Robbins
2b. Brynn, PF, Bob Little

3a. Bandit, ESF, Joe Dahl
3b. Franklin, PM, Mike Flewelling

4a. Abby, PF, Russell Ogilvie
4b. Brady, PM, Al Robbins

5a. Kate, PF, Paul Fuhrmann
5b. Stella, PF, Russell Ogilvie

6a. Kit, PF, Chris Mathan
6b. Keeper, PF, Frank Joyal

7a. Nelly, PF, Mike Flewelling
7b. Bye

Open Derby
Judges: Cal Robinson, Bob Little

1a. Berry, PF, Chris Clarke
1b. Atom, PM, Al Robbins

2a. Cassidy, PF, Rob Graham
2b. Whitney, PF, Steve Forrest

3a. Max, PM, John Brown
3b. Nelly, PF, Mike Flewelling

4a. Echo, ESF, Jamie Bray
4b. Bye

Sunday, May 18th

Gun Dog Challenge
Drawn on Sunday morning

Open Shooting Dog
Judges: Joe Dahl, Steve Forrest

1a. Nelly, PF, Mike Flewelling
1b. Kate, PF, Paul Fuhrmann

2a. Rita, PF, Chris Mathan
2b. Stella, PF, Russell Ogilvie

3a. Abby, PF, Russell Ogilvie
3b. Chip, PM, Al Robbins

4a. Kit, PF, Chris Mathan
4b. Franklin, PM, Mike Flewelling

5a. Libby, PF, Chris Mathan
5b. Brady, PM, Al Robbins

Open Derby
Judges: Joe Dahl, Russell Ogilvie

1a. Max, PM, John Brown
1b. Bleu, PF, Mike Flewelling

2a. Atom, PM, Al Robbins
2b. Whitney, PF, Steve Forrest

3a. Nelly, PF, Mike Flewelling
3b. Bye

Northeastern Results

2013 Northeastern Winners

Winner: Jonesy’s Rebel Revenge, Tim Kisieleski, owner; Tony Bly, handler,
R-U: Chasehill Little Bud, John Stolgitis, owner/handler.

Congrats to Timmy, Tony and John. Another successful championship is in the books!

Thanks to our many active member, especially Steve and Patty Forrest for their hospitality and hard work…way above and beyond the call of duty. Thanks to everyone who worked so hard on the courses this summer…cutting them and re-cutting them due to all the timber cutting that is being done to the grounds. There was hardly any activity over the three days…nothing that interfered with the smooth running of the championship.

Thanks to everyone who came from far and wide to support the Northeastern. We had some newcomers: PA professional trainer/handler Robert Ecker, PA amateur Mike Groy and RI amateur Kelsey Dellinger and her family. A big thanks to judges Mike Roderka and Russell Ogilvy (who is off the hook for a while having recently judged the North American Woodcock Championship). Special thanks to Purina Field Consultant Terry Trzcinski and his wife Cathy who spent a couple of days with us. Terry is very committed to our sport.

Photos, short videos and a full report to follow. Stay tuned!

2013 Northeastern Grouse and Woodcock Championship Draw

Start time: 8:00 am

1a Stokely’s Trash Can, ESF, Tony Bly
1b Hard Driving Rita, PF, Chris Mathan (IS)

2a Cass Tiny, PF, Robert Ecker
2b Blue Sky Spot, ESM, Mike Groy

3a Wynot Brady, PM, Al Robbins
3b Woodcock Haven Kay, PF, Al Ladd

4a Chasehill D-Lite, PF, John Stolgitis
4b Fieldstone Farm Clyde, ESM, Robert Ecker

5a Chasehill Little Thudd, PM, Tim Kisieleski/Tony Bly
5b Plainfield Kate, PF, Paul Fuhrman

6a Quail Trap Ginger, ESF, Tony Bly
6b Cairds Little Brynn, PF, Bob Little (IS)

7a Grouse Hill Dixie, PF, John Stolgitis
7b Lucky Luke Star, ESM, Robert Ecker

8a Chasehill Big Bradley, PM, John Stolgitis
8b Quail Trap Will, ESM, Tony Bly

9a Annie, ESF, Tim Kisieleski/Tony Bly
9b Chasehill Ben Franklin, PM, Mike Flewelling/John Stolgitis

10a Chasehill Bud Lite, PM, John Stolgitis
10b Atlanta Snuffmill Annie, ESF, Lanny Dellinger/Kelsey Dellinger

11a Magic Mist Bandit, ESF, Joe Dahl
11b Windstar, ESM, Robert Ecker

12a One Bad Winter, PF, John Stolgitis/Karen Unsworth
12b Bog Brook Daisy, ESF, Joe Dahl

13a Chasehill Little Bud, PM, John Stolgitis
13b Magic Mist Charlie, PM, Joe Dahl

14a Richfield Stella, PF, John Stolgitis
14b Hi Rollin Real Deal, PM, Robert Ecker

15a Fricke-N Coco, ESF, Robert Ecker
15b Raintree Ballerina, ESF, John Stolgitis

16a Richfield Silver Lining, PM, John Stolgitis
16b Fernwood Cove Bella, ESF, Joe Dahl

17a Stokely’s Frankie B., ESM, Tony Bly
17b Grouse Hill Belle, PF, John Stolgitis

Directions from I95:
Take Exit 180 (Coldbrook Road), head south on Coldbrook Road to Connecter 202. Turn right on 202. At the end of 202, make a left turn onto Western Ave./Route 9 in the town of Hampden. At the next big intersection, turn right onto Main Road North/Route 1A. Travel 10.8 miles to Frankfort. After you cross the bridge approaching Frankfort where 1A makes a hard left, make a right turn onto Loggin Rd and then another right onto W. Hill Road. Follow to field trial grounds. There will be signs from Frankfort.

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