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Open Puppy
Judges: Joe Dahl, Steve Forrest            

1a    Spring Brook Maximus, PM – Ogilvie
1b    Chasehill Reggie, PM – Flewelling

2a    Thunderwing Bonnie Annabelle, GSF – Thorpe
2b    Wild Apple Spot, PM – Doherty

3a    Sunkhaze Pistol Pete, PM – Flewelling
3b    Wild Apple Molly, PF – Doherty

4a    Cairds Macy Mae, PF – Little
4b    Tanglewoods Alley, ESF (IS) – Harris

Open Shooting Dog            
Judges: Al Robbins, Craig Doherty

1a    Kate, PF – Short
1b    Gaurdian, PM – Flewelling

2a    Cairds Little Brynn, PF – Little
2b    Snuffmill Bailey, ESF – Dellenger

3a    Tomahawk, ESM – Short
3b    Snuffmill Atalanta, ESF – Dellenger

4a    Woodcock Haven Stella, PF – Ogilvie
4b    Bonnie, ESF – Short

5a    Wynot Whitney, PF – Forrest
5b    Pal’s Kitty Hawk, PF – Mathan

6a    Hard Driving Rita, PF – Mathan
6b    Bye

Open Derby
Judges: Russell Ogilvie, Lanny Dellenger            

1a    Cairds Macy Mae, PF – Little
1b    Wild Apple Sam, PF – Doherty

2a    Chasehill Reggie, PM – Flewelling
2b    Wild Apple Spot, PM – Doherty

3a    Wynot Atom, PM – Robbins
3b    Bart, PM – Joyal

4a    Jigpaw Max, PM – Forrest/Brown
4b    Roxy, ESF – Short


Gundog Stake
Judges: Al Robbins, Mike Flewelling

Open Shooting Dog
Judges: Al Ladd, Jeff Mahaney                

1a    Woodcock Haven Stella, PF – Ogilvie
1b    Cairds Macy Mae, PF – Little

2a    Chasehill Ben Franklin, PM – Flewelling
2b    Pal’s Sea Pearl, PF – Mathan

3a    Pal’s Kitty Hawk, PF – Mathan
3b    Cairds Little Brynn, PF – Little

4a    Wynot Brady, PM – Robbins
4b    Hard Driving Rita, PF – Mathan

5a    Wynot Whitney, PF – Forrest
5b    Bye

Open Derby
Judges: Chris Mathan, Joe Dahl                

1a    Sunkhaze Pistol Pete, PM – Flewelling
1b    Wynot Atom, PM – Robbins

2a    Jigpaw Max, PM – Forrest/Brown
2b    Wild Apple Sam, PF – Doherty/Flewelling

3a    Penny’s Autumn Blaze, PM – Burnnel
3b    Wild Apple Spot, PM – Doherty/Flewelling

4a    Springbrook Maximus, PM – Ogilvie
4b    Bye

Good luck to everyone! There will be signs posted to the grounds. Everyone is welcome to our Potluck Supper on Saturday evening after the running. Weather permitting, we will have it on the grounds. Grill be available.