Thanks to everyone who supported and helped with the trial despite the awful, rainy weather on Saturday. Chris Clarke journeyed all the way from Nova Scotia, Bob Little came from New Brunswick, Paul Fuhrman from western Massachusetts and Frank Joyal from Vermont. Special thanks to Cal Robinson who came up from Saco, Maine to help out with the judging. Thanks to Steve Forrest, Joe Dahl and Al Robbins who also did a lot of judging. Thanks to Pat Forrest, the world’s most organized field trial club secretary…and Pat and Steve for once again hosting the potluck supper at their home. Thanks to Mike Flewelling for picking up the coffee and those green and pink donuts. Yum! Thanks to Mark and Nick Kingsbury for putting birds out (to drown on Saturday!). And a big thanks to all who came to run dogs in our 10th Anniversary Gundog Challenge!

Open Puppy (Joe Dahl, Chris Mathan, judges)
1. Max, John Brown
2. Bleu, Mike Flewelling
3. Wynot Whitney, Steve Forrest

Open Shooting Dog (Cal Robinson, Steve Forrest, judges)
1. Abby, Russell Ogilvie
2. Chasehill Ben Franklin, Mike Flewelling
3. Nelly, Mike Flewelling

Open Derby (Cal Robinson, Bob Little, judges)
1. Nelly, Mike Flewelling
2. Max, John Brown
3. Wynot Whitney, Steve Forrest

Gundog Challenge (Al Robbins, John Brown, judges; Brandon Gilboe, apprentice)
1. Hoss, Pointer, Mark Kingsbury
2. Buddy, English Setter, Rock Oliver
3. Jed, Vizsla, Laird Townsend
4. Jack, German Wirehaired Pointer, John Cullen

Open Shooting Dog (Joe Dahl, Steve Forrest, judges)
1. Chasehill Ben Franklin, Mike Flewelling
2. Pal’s Kitty Hawk, Chris Mathan
3. Hard Driving Rita, Chris Mathan

Open Derby (Joe Dahl, Russell Ogilvie, judges)
1. Nelly, Mike Flewelling
2. Wynot Whitney, Steve Forrest

Saturday OSD: 1. Abby (Russell Ogilvie) 2. Franklin (Mike Flewelling) 3. Nelly with Nick Kingsbury (Mike Flewelling), Steve Forrest, judge.Sun_OSD
Sunday OSD: 1. Chasehill Ben Franklin (Mike Flewelling) 2. Pal’s Kitty Hawk with Laird Townsend (Chris Mathan), 3. Hard Driving Rita with Steve Gilboe (Chris Mathan), Joe Dahl, Steve Forrest, judges.
Sunday OD: 1. Nelly (Mike Flewelling) 2. Wynot Whitney (Steve Forrest), Joe Dahl, Russell Ogilvie, judges.
John Brown with Max, 1st, Saturday’s OP and 2nd in Saturday’s OD

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