May 18 – 19, 2013
Costigan Farm, Ward Road, Prospect, ME.
Stakes will begin at 8:00 am both Saturday and Sunday.


Open Derby
Judges: Al Robbins, Kevin Harris

1a. Nellie, PF, Mike Flewelling
1b. Jack, ESM, Joe Dahl

2a. Kate, PF, Paul Furman
2b. Wyatt, PM, Mike Flewelling

3a. Thuddy, PM, Mike Flewelling
3b. Okie, ESF, Joe Dahl

Open Shooting Dog
Judges: Tony Bly, Mike Best

1a. Franklin, PM, Mike Flewelling
1b. Sadie, ESF, Kevin Harris

2a. Chip, PM, Al Robbins
2b. Rita, PF, Chris Mathan

3a. Charlie, PM, Joe Dahl
3b. Belle, PF, Steve Forrest

4a. Dallas, PM, Al Robbins
4b. Keeper, PF, Frank Joyal

5a. Kay, PF, Lee Kern
5b. Kit, PF, Chris Mathan

6a. Libby, PF, Chris Mathan


Gun Dog Challenge

Open Derby
Judges: Chris Mathan, Al Robbins

1a. Duke, Vizsla M, Eric Sprague
1b. Wyatt, PM, Mike Flewelling

2a. Jack, ESM, Joe Dahl
2b. Nellie, PF, Mike Flewelling

3a. Okie, ESF, Joe Dahl
3b. Kate, PF, Paul Furman

Open Restricted Shooting Dog
Judges: Steve Forrest, Joe Dahl

1a. Thuddy, PM, Tony Bly
1b. Danny, PM, Cal Robinson

2a. Frankie, ESM, Tony Bly

3a. Joy, ESF, Cal Robinson
3b. Trash, ESF, Tony Bly

4a. LJ, PM, Craig Doherty/Tony Bly

Good luck to all!

Trial participants are invited to the Pot Luck Supper on Saturday evening at the home of Steve and Pat Forrest.