The Championship begins on September 28 in Frankfort, Maine. Signs will help direct you to the grounds.

Our Judges are Steve Groy and Joe McCarl, both from Pennsylvania. The club is honored to have these two respected men with years of experience training and competing at the highest level of field trial competition. They have judged numerous important stakes in the grouse woods and elsewhere.

Friday braces start at 9:00 am with 5 braces to be run.  

1A – Pal’s Kitty Hawk, PF, Chris Mathan
1B – Wild Apple Jack, PM, Craig Doherty

2A – Magic Mist Riley, ESF, Joe Dahl
2B – Wynot Brady, PM, Al Robbins

3A – Magic Mist Charlie, PM, Joe Dahl
3B – Chasehill Ben Franklin, PM, John Stolgitis / Mike Flewelling

4A – Fernwood Cove’s Bella, ESF, Joe Dahl,
4B – Richfield Silver Lining, PM, John Stolgitis

5A – Pee Wee, PM, Steve Smith
5B – True Patriot, ESM, Kelly Short

Saturday braces start at 8:00 am

6A – Chasehill Little Bud, PM, John Stolgitis
6B – Bog Brook Rigby, ESF, Tim Kisieleski

7A – Stony Fork Fargo, ESM, Tim Kisieleski / Tony Bly
7B – Peace Dale Duke, ESM, Richie Frisella

8A – Wynot Belle, PF, Steve Forrest
8B – Beech Ridge Abigail, PF, Russell Ogilvie

9A – Hard Driving Rita, PF, Chris Mathan
9B – Bog Brook Daisy, ESF, Joe Dahl

10A – Richfield Almond Joy, EPF, John Stolgitis
10B – Magic Mist Bandit, ESF, Joe Dahl

11A – Iron Lady, ESF, John Stolgitis

Saturday evening, all participants are welcome to the banquet held at Steve and Patty Forrest’s home in Hamden, ME.