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April 28, 29. Running on both days begins at 7:00 am in Prospect. Saturday Shooting Dog stake will begin at 9:00 am in Frankfort. Lunch will be in Frankfort.

Stakes in the order they will be run:

Saturday Open Puppy (Prospect grounds, Ward Road, Prospect)
Judges: Joe Dahl, Jeff Mahaney

1a. Trash, ESF, Tony Bly
1b. Wild Apple LJ, PM, Craig Doherty

2a. Dreggo, PM, Brian Breveleri
2b. Am, ESF, Mike Flewelling

3a. Abby, ESF, Tony Bly
3b. Katherine, PF, Brian Breveleri

4a. Toni’s Ironboy Stark, ESM, Matt Winchester
4b. Little Thudd, PM, Tim Kisieleski/Tony Bly

5a. Jake, ESM, Kevin Harris
5b. Frankie, ESM, Tony Bly

Saturday Open Derby (Prospect grounds)
Judges: Mike Flewelling, Chris Mathan

1a. Gabe, PM, Brian Breveleri
1b. Benson, BritM, Leonard/Gail Sinclair

2a. Trash, ESF, Tony Bly
2b. Tina, ESF, John Stolgitis

3a. Emma, PF, Brian Breveleri
3b. Brewster, PM, John Stolgitis

4a. Frankie, ESM, Tony Bly
4b. Ally, PF, Brian Breveleri

5a. Jazzy, PM, John Adsit

Saturday Open Shooting Dog (Frankfort grounds)
Judges: Al Robbins, Steve Forrest

1a. Wilbur, PM, Mike Best
1b. Wild Apple Jack, PM, Craig Doherty

2a. Riley, ESF, Joe Dahl
2b. Shea, PF, Bob Little

3a. Jessie, PF, Steve Smith/Mike Flewelling
3b. Amelia’s Pride & Joy, ESF, Cal Robinson

4a. Franklin, PM, Mike Flewelling
4b. Joy, PF, John Stolgitis

5a. Libby, PF, Chris Mathan
5b. Jill, PF, Brian Breveleri

6a. Sweet Pea, PM, Steve Smith/Mike Flewelling
6b. Lady, ESF, John Stolgitis

7a. Kit, PF, Chris Mathan
7b. Rina, ESF, John Stolgitis

8a. Bog Brook Rigby, ESF, Tim Kisieleski
8b. Rita, PF, Chris Mathan

9a. Beechnut, PF, Steve Smith/MikeFlewelling
9b. Annie, BritF, Leonard Sinclair

10a. Stoney, PM, John Stolgitis
10b. Keeper, PF, Frank Joyal

11a. Stella, PF, John Stolgitis

Sunday Morning Gun Dog Challenge (Prospect grounds) (dogs can be entered up until the event)

Sunday Open Shooting Dog (Frankfort grounds)
Judges: Mike Flewelling, Bob Little

1a. Charlie, PM, Joe Dahl
1b. Sweet Pea, PM, Steve Smith

2a. Abby, PF, Russell Ogilvie
2b. Gauge, ESM, Jeff Mahaney

3a. Riley, ESF, Joe Dahl
3b. Kit, PF, Chris Mathan

4a. Amelia’s Pride & Joy”, ESF, Cal Robinson
4b. Belle, PF, Steve Forrest

5a. Wilbur, PM, Mike Best
5b. Dallas, PM, Al Robbins

6a. Bog Brook Rigby, ESF, Tim Kisieleski
6b. Jessie, PF, Steve Smith

7a. Brady, PM, Al Robbins
7b. Beechnut, PF, Steve Smith

8a. Sadie, ESF, Kevin Harris
8b. Rita, PF, Chris Mathan

Potluck Dinner at Steve and Patty Forrest’s home on Saturday evening after the Open Shooting Dog. All are welcome!